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Translation and adaptation of safety data sheet

As a result of our service, we provide a professionally correct safety data sheet to our clients, which fully complies with the current, relevant EU regulations.
During the translation and adaptation of the safety data sheet we use the directions of Article 31 of Regulation (EU) 1907/2006 (REACH), Regulation (EU) 2015/830 (Regulation (EU) 2020/878) and other relevant regulations.

In addition to adapting the SDS according to the EU legislation, our service includes giving the necessary workplace exposure limit values of the destination country as well as adding the mandatory emergency telephone numbers, if available.

Taking into account the content and format specifications of a safety data sheet during the translation process guarantees an appropriate professional quality.


Translation and adaptation of safety data sheets into the following languages:

English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Dutch, Croatian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovakian, Slovenian.

Our references regarding our international experience in translation of safety data sheets.


The importance of professional adaptation while translating the safety data sheet

The regulations on chemical safety constitutes a unified EU “legislative framework”. Nonetheless, the literal translation of the foreign language safety data sheet might not be compliant because there are specific requirements in all member countries.

The most common errors in the “original” safety data sheets before translation:

  • format and content incorrectness
  • controversial, poorly phrased sentences
  • incorrect hazard classification, incorrect H and P statements
  • missing exposure limit values, other missing data to be included under national legislation

About the safety data sheet authoring softwares. Our article about the advantages and disadvantages of the safety data sheet authoring softwares.


Translation and adaptation process of a safety data sheet

The received foreign language safety data sheets are translated by our translators using the appropriate terminology, taking into account the format specifications of the safety data sheet.

The translated safety data sheets are revised by our experts taking into account the relevant regulations on chemical safety.

The professional revision of the safety data sheet is not equivalent with proofreading. Our colleagues are the experts of chemical safety. The professional revision of the safety data sheet means the comparison of the data and information contained in the safety data sheet with the relevant legislation in force. If necessary, we will add the missing data and correct any technical errors.

In any case, the changes made will be reported to our clients so that they can report it to their supplier.

Only translation accompanied by professional revision may result in a fully acceptable safety data sheet toward authorities.


Our service consists of

  • Checking the IUPAC name, hazard classification of the components and modifying, if necessary.
  • Classification according to CLP regulation (1272/2008/EC), or if it is already available: checking its correctness, and if necessary, making corrections.
  • The modification of the format of the safety data sheet according to Regulation (EU) 2015/830 (Regulation (EU) 2020/878)
  • Checking the correctness of the H and P statements, and if necessary, making corrections.
  • Adjustment of phrasing of the safety data sheet paralel with the hazard classification of the product
  • Providing the missing occupational exposure limit values
  • Providing European Waste Code
  • Creating a logically correct safety data sheet, which is free from inconsistencie
  • Checking the transport information (ADR class, UN number, etc.)
  • Replacing the general, contradictory, wrongly drawn statements into professionally and stylistically correct sentences.
  • Indication of the relevant EU legislation in force*

* Due to the knowledge of the specific national requirements of the target countries and because of the specific needs of the local authorities, any necessary modification of the safety data sheet is the responsibility of the Customer.


Translation of safety data sheet without adaptation

We provide the translation of the safety data sheet from and into all the official languages of the European Union.

During the translation, we do not change the content or the form of the document, we only translate it into the requested target language.
However, translation without professional adaptation in most cases does not guarantee compliance with the EU legal environment (especially if the original document is not correct either).

As a result of our service, we can take responsibility only for the correctness of the translation, and not for the official compliance of the safety data sheet.


Content of our SDS translation service

The safety data sheets are translated according to the “original” safety data sheet both in form and content, without any adaptation or professional supervision. No changes and revisions will be done on the hazard classifications, CAS numbers, legislative references etc.
However, we can guarantee the use of professionally and stylistically correct sentences and appropriate terminology within our service.

F.A.Q – Questions related to the order and delivery process


We take full professional and financial responsibility for the safety data sheets translated by our company. Our financial warranty includes the reimbursement of all direct and indirect damages. Our customer service will begin to inspect the inquiries within 24 hours.

Customer service

Simple and fast processes during our services

Quote request for the translation of safety data sheet

We will reply to the quote requests sent via e-mail or online form within 24 hours.

As an attachment to our quotation, we will also send you our order form* to make the ordering process simpler.

*We accept a different form for ordering our service, but in this case we ask you to provide all the necessary data and information we ask for in our order form.

Necessary data, documents

Our order form contains some technical information required to translate and adapt the safety data sheet, which we would ask you to send us via e-mail with the safety data sheets.

Delivering the service

Your order will be confirmed within 24 hours and the translated safety data sheet(s) will be sent to you via e-mail until the given deadline.

Online quote request – Translation of safety data sheet


Translation of safety data sheet - MSDS-Europe Customer Support ProgramMSDS-Europe Customer Support Program

As the result of the customer-centric mentality that has always define the corporate culture of MSDS-Europe, we created our Customer Support Program to provide the highest-quality service experience to our customers.

Key Client Contact during services related to safety data sheets

We believe that high-quality service in the field of chemical safety can only be achieved through close contact and good communication.

We assign a personal contact person to our customers in order to ensure a smooth order process.

Assistance after a service has been received

Customer contact does not end with the translation of a safety data sheet.

Your person contact person will provide professional assistance to the interpretation and application of the safety data sheets as well as the regulations relevant to chemical safety, even after the service has been fulfilled.

Customer Support Program – Together for chemical safety


SDS control and quality certification

After the SDS has been prepared, we guarantee our customers that during a period of 3 years we will inform them about the SDSs to be updated because of some legislative change.

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