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Continuous monitoring of Safety Data Sheets’ legal compliance

The  continuous monitoring of the legal environment, the determination of the necessary actions to be taken in case of a legal change, the identification of the affected (and need to be updated) SDSs in the portfolio are a continuous and unresolved problem for the companies concerned. So far.

Our new, SDS Control service makes easy to ensure continuously the legal compliance of Safety Data Sheets, the quality certification mark placed on the SDS guarantees the authentic communication and, at the same time, the verifiability in the supply chain.


SDS Control

Continuous monitoring of the legislative environment

In case of change in legislation, we will examine the possible impact on the content or format requirements of the given legal security sheet and determine the parameters of the legislation that will be used as input data for the identification of SDSs in the next step.

Identification of SDSs to be updated

The legal parameters are compared with the individual SDS characteristics stored in our SDS database, identifying in this way the Safety Data Sheets that are affected by the legislative change and need to be updated.


Notification of our Customers

In case of a change in legislation, we send a notification to our Customers, including:

  • The number of the new or amended law upon which the quality control was carried out.
  • Detailed list of the Safety Data Sheets concerned
  • Suggestions from our experts on what needs to be done (e.g.: requesting additional data from the supplier, updating obligation, other recommendations for modification)
  • The deadline specified in the referred law, until which the necessary modifications have to be made

The Safety Data Sheets mentioned in the notification will not be updated “automatically”, it is necessary that our Customers order this from us. It is our Customers’ decision and responsibility whether to update the Data Sheets or not.


Quality certification

Quality certification – quality communication and real-time information on the validity of the SDS

We place (on request) a quality certification mark including a QR code (logo) on the Safety Data Sheets that are involved in our SDS Control Service. This clearly communicates to the market participants that the SDS is under a continuous quality control.


Authentic information, trust in the supply chain

It is a legal obligation for professional users to make sure of the complience of the content and format of any Safety Data Sheet received. By providing authentic information to this target group, we can increase the confidence in products having a certified SDS.

By scanning the QR code, any member of the supply chain can get real-time information on our SDS Control site about the current status and validity of the Safety Data Sheet.


Availability of the service

Our SDS Control Service can only be ordered as an additional service when requesting our Safety Data Sheet compilationtranslation or revision service.

For further questions please contact our customer service


Our SDS Control service was being developed by the implementation of the project supported by the NRDI (National Research, Development and Innovation Office) fund.

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