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In many cases our clients have contacted us with the request to create safety data sheet for their cosmetic products.
Of course our customers were also aware of – and we have also drawn their attention to – the fact that for cosmetic products the directions of chemical safety regulations do not apply.

There is no statutory obligation regarding cosmetic products that imposes obligations for market participants regarding the existence, transferring or creation of a safety data sheet.


Safety data sheet for cosmetic products is recommended for the following considerations

During production, storage, packaging or transporting of cosmetic products potential hazards may occur regarding the employees. A safety data sheet might be an excellent “tool” for transferring the information required for safe working.

When preparing a safety data sheet for a cosmetic product, it is treated in the same way as any other mixture.
We take full account of the content and format requirements and the relevant legislation regarding safety data sheets.


More information about our services related to creation of safety data sheets

The service descriptions you may find in the “Safety data sheet services” section apply also to the procedures used for cosmetic products.

In each case we indicate the fact on the safety data sheet that in case of the current product it is not compulsory to provide a safety data sheet for the consumer, moreover, the published data is for informative purposes only.


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