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During the creation of a safety assessment we are taking into consideration the directions of Annex I of Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.


Creation of Safety Assessment

In order to demonstrate that a cosmetic product complies with the regulations, the responsible person shall, prior to placing a cosmetic product on the market, ensure that the cosmetic product has undergone a safety assessment on the basis of the relevant information and that a cosmetic product safety report is set up.

The safety assessment may only be carried out by a qualified person, who has the adequate professional experience and qualifications specified by the regulation.


Information necessary for the creation of the safety assessment

  • Company data and contact information of the manufacturer and the distributor
  • Product formulation
  • The safety data sheets of the components according to Regulation (EU) 2020/878, the specification and certificate of analysis of the components, ensuring that they meet the requirements on cosmetic products.
    LOAEL or NOAEL values relevant to the components shall also be attached for the components (these can be requested from the supplier of the base materials.)
  • List of allergenic fragrances
  • Data and specification relevant to the finished product (physical, chemical parameters, microbiological cleanness, etc.)
    Microbiological cleanness shall be justified with laboratory test results
  • Specification of package sizes, packaging and packaging material, certificate that they meet the requirements relevant to cosmetic product packaging
  • Stability tests
  • Description of method of manufacturing, manufacturing site certificates (about GMP compliance)
  • User manual
  • The original product label in the language of the country where the product has been placed on the market for the first time
  • Statement on whether animal testing was used

The list is for indicative only. Besides the information above, more data might be necessary depending on the type/nature of the product.


The safety assessment made by our company can be used for

  • labelling the cosmetic product using the appropriate information
  • informing the customers
  • the CPNP notification of the product
  • the transmission of information required by the regulation on cosmetics
  • creating safe working conditions


Quality assurance in the safety assessment creation process

We take full responsibility for the legal compliance of the safety assessments made by our company and for their official acceptance.

In case of possible authority claims, our company will modify or amend the document.
Our company does not take responsibility for the problems/losses resulting from insufficiently or non-provided data/information.


Simple and fast processes during our safety assessment creation service

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You just have to send the filled in order form and provide the necessary documents and data we asked for in our quote, and we will take care of anything else regarding the order.

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We take full professional and financial responsibility for the safety asssesments created by our company and for all our related services. Our financial warranty includes the reimbursement of all direct and indirect damages.


Assistance after using our services

After using our services, our customer service experts will also assist you with the interpretation and usage of the created safety assessment and can help you with the related tasks.

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