Compilation, creation of a safety data sheet

MSDS-Europe – SDS creation service: compilation, creation of safety data sheet


SDS creation service

As a result of our service, we create a professionally correct safety data sheet for our client, which fully complies with the current, relevant regulations.
During the creation of a new safety data sheet we use the directions of Article 31 of Regulation (EU) 1907/2006 (REACH), Regulation (EU) 2015/830 and other relevant regulations.
For cosmetic products we offer our safety data sheet creation for cosmetic products service.


Compilation, creation of a safety data sheet might be necessary

Compilation of a safety data sheet might be required mainly in case of manufacturing mixtures or if the supplier does not provide the relevant safety data sheet for some reason (e.g.: import).
Our experts create the safety data sheet based on the content and on some other relevant data.


Quality assurance in the SDS creation process

With its professional experience of more than 15 years and several process-oriented innovations, our company has succesfully developed high-end processes that ensure high quality safety data sheet translations and compilations.

Our aim is to provide a safety data sheet to our clients which complies with all the relevant regulations. The secret of the perfect safety data sheet is in the high level of up-to-date expertise and in the control mechanisms used during the workflows.



Our expert prepare the new safety data sheet in accordance with the current regulations based on the information available and in the knowledge of the exact composition.


Content of our SDS creation service

  • Creation of Safety data sheet according to Regulation (EU) 2015/830 and to the relevant EU regulations.
  • Providing IUPAC name and hazard classification of the components
  • Classification according to CLP regulation (1272/2008/EC)
  • Choosing H and P statements according to the hazard category(ies) of the product
  • Providing occupational exposure limit values
  • Providing European Waste Code
  • Creating a logically correct SDS, which is free from inconsistencies
  • Providing transportation information (ADR class, UN number, etc.)
  • Providing the relevant regulations


Information/data required for the compilation, creation of the safety data sheet

  • Name of the mixture
  • Type of use (industrial, consumer, professional)
  • Use of the product (e.g. mansonry paint)
  • Weight percentage composition
  • Physical and chemical properties (colour, smell, aggregate, and if applicable: pH value, flash point, viscosity, explosion limits, etc.)
  • Recommended methods of disposal
  • If available: information on handling and storage, toxicology data/information

Translation of safety data sheet


We take full professional and financial responsibility for the safety data sheets prepared/compiled by our company and for all our related services. Our financial warranty includes the reimbursement of all direct and indirect damages. Our customer service will begin to inspect the inquiries within 24 hours.


Professional assistance after using our services

After using our services, our customer service experts will also assist you with the interpretation and usage of the created safety data sheet and can help you with related chemical safety tasks.


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