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MSDS-Europe – Our translation services

We would like to offer the knowledge and experience of our translators with proven competence in the field of chemical safety in areas that are typically too specific for general translation agencies.

Our translators – due to the profile of our company – are specialized primarily in the translation of documentations related to chemical products.

We would like to offer our service to our customers for further documentations related to chemical products (exposure scenarios, brochures, use instructions, specifications, catalogues etc.) beside the translation of safety data sheets.


Our company still does not want to offer general translation services that are common by most of the translation agencies. We would like to take advantage of our professional knowledge primarily in the field of chemical safety and in more or less relevant special areas.


Our business areas

  • biology
  • biotechnology
  • chemistry (fine chemistry/ petrochemistry)
  • cosmetics
  • ecology and environment
  • engineering (chemical, technical)
  • toxicology
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical industry


Recommended subjects


We take on translation services to and from the following languages

English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Dutch, Croatian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Slovak, Slovenian


Quality assurance, professional adaptation

In every case, the ordered translation will be professionally and linguistically reviewed before deliverance. We check the technical terms used in the translation by paralleling the source text and the target text, according to the requirements of the living language. We perform this review as a part of our quality assurance without any additional charge or the need for requesting it.

In favour of assuring terminological accuracy and cost-efficiency, our company uses computer-assisted translation software. The use of the CAT tool does not mean mechanical translation. It makes the work of our translators easier and more efficient, therefore, we are able to take on translations of hundreds of pages with a relatively short deadline.


Quotation, service order

If possible, translations should be requested at our customer service via an electronic mail, along with sending the material to be translated and indicating the target language. After the examination of the received document, we will send our quotation and the possible deadline within 24 hours.


Project management

Every order is of the same importance for us so we assign a personal contact, a project manager to our customers in favour of the efficient coordination of the order.

The project manager will take care of the proper progression of the project from the very beginning to the end, and will keep in touch with the customer if any questions arise until the ordered translation is delivered. A close relationship and communication with our customers is important for us.


Translation of exposure scenarios and eSDSs

According to the provisions of the REACH Regulation, an exposure scenario should be complied for most substances during the registration process. Fulfilling the communication obligation, the exposure scenario should be provided to the supply chain by attaching it to the safety data sheet (eSDS),

Preparation and translation of safety data sheets can be considered the main profile of our company in which we have a 20-year experience.

The exposure scenario is an inseparable part of the safety data sheet so it should be translated in every case when the safety data sheet is translated. The exposure scenario, just like the safety data sheet, has a very specific terminology and inner logic which we take into account, so, our experts can identify the possible professional mistakes or contradictions during the translation of the exposure scenario and the eSDS.


Linguistic localization of SDS authoring and translation software

We take on the translation of the memory of SDS authoring and translation software to further languages and the completion of missing parts of the translation memory. During the translation we aim an accurate translation next to keeping the proper meaning of the sentence.


Translation of Product Information Dossiers (PID) for cosmetic products

Preparation and translation of Product Information documentation defined by Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 as the obligation of the responsible person.

In the case of PIDs, we perform a literal translation.


Translation of test reports

Professional literal translation of toxicological, microbiological laboratory test reports, with keeping the original format.


Translation of manuals

During the translation of manuals, we do not only pay special attention to the use of the proper terminology but also to the logical coherence of the whole text, so that the user is able interpret the document.

During the translation of manuals our most important aspect is to use the expressions of the given field, applying its own idiom and paying special attention to clarity and comprehensibility. During such translations we apply certain expressions consistently, avoiding contradictions.


Translation of use instructions and product information sheets

During the translation of use instructions, applying the aspects that were applied by the translation of manuals, we focus on the accuracy of terminology and comprehensibility. In everyday life we often encounter numerous use instructions translated with a bad quality that not only appears funny but can as well reflect on the given product or the perception of the brand.  In our opinion, use instructions play an important role in PR communication, therefore their translation should be treated with special care.


Translation of catalogues and brochures

Publications aiming to introduce products should communicate towards the reader (consumer) authentically, in a “native-speaker” level. The main purpose of such documents is to arouse the interest and the trust of the consumer, and eventually to encourage purchasing the product. Therefore, during the translation we focus primarily on a statistically correct content translation instead of a literal translation.

We take on the translation of product catalogues and brochures from and to all the languages we work with, in accordance with the business strategy of the customer, while trying to keep the original format of the document.


Translation of certificates of conformity

Certificates of conformity aim to prove that the manufacturer/distributor of a machine fulfils every legal obligation.

The certificate should be translated to the language(s) of the countries in which the machine or the equipment will be placed on the market. Dealing with the translation is the responsibility of the manufacturer, the manufacturer’s representative or the distributor.

Requirements of the form and content of such certificates are defined by different laws and standards which should be taken into consideration by their translation.

During translation we strive after accuracy of content.


Other translation

We take on the translation of texts and documents related to our field of business for which a general linguistic knowledge is not sufficient and the knowledge of the given field is required for the understanding and translation of the source text.

Our translations reflect in any case an accuracy of content while next to certain grammatical and lexical aspects it represents the peculiarity of the target language. Our professional experience allows us to assure the inner cohesion of the translated texts.



Our company undertakes a complete, real professional and financial warranty with regard to the translations. Our financial warranty includes the compensation of every direct and indirect financial damages. Our customer service begins to examine the observations and requests within 24 hours.


Non-disclosure agreement

During our translation services we treat the provided documents, personal information and trade secrets with principles and practices that is common in the field of chemical safety and that is expected from us by our customers.

We do not deliver the documents and information provided during the order process for any third parties; we only use them as far as required for the successful completion of the order.