Our services related to UFI creation and notification

MSDS-Europe – Our services related to UFI creation and notification

Our UFI services have been framed in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/542. Our goal is to provide the highest level of professional service to importers and downstream formulators of mixtures with the purpose of solve their tasks related to the application of UFI and thereby reduce their administrative burden.

Information concerning the application on the UFI (Unique formula identifier)

Assistance in UFI creation and validation

With our consultancy service we provide professional help with the usage of the online UFI generator on the ECHA website to our customers who are obliged to notify. If our partners do not have the necessary human resources capacity, we can undertake the creation and validation of the UFI for their products concerned, if they give us access to the appropriate data.


Our UFI notification service

We can manage UFI notification for all EEA member states, in the official language of the Member State.

During the UFI notification we submit the following data/information to the appointed bodies:

  • Identification of the mixture and of the submitter
    • Product identifier of the mixture
    • Details of the submitter
    • Telephone number and email address for rapid access to additional product information
  • Hazards identification and additional information
    • Classification of the mixture
    • Label elements
    • Toxicological information
    • Additional information
  • Information on mixture components
    • Mixture components
    • Mixture components subject to submission requirements
    • Concentration and concentration ranges of the mixture components
    • Hazardous components of major concern for emergency health response and preventative measures
    • Other hazardous components and components not classified as hazardous
    • Classification of mixture components (substances and MIM)


Updating a notification

While establishing a close communication relationship with our partners, we professionally evaluate the changes affecting their mixtures and update the data provided during the UFI notification, if necessary.

We consider it important for submitters to be aware that UFI identifies a particular composition! A particular UFI code can only be used as long as the composition or the component ratio (within a certain concentration range) does not change in the given mixture.

According to Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/542, it may be necessary to provide a submission update regarding the data provided during the UFI notification in the following cases:

  • when the mixture product identifier (including the UFI) has changed
  • when the mixture classification for health or physical hazards has changed
  • when relevant new toxicological information that is required in Section 11 of the Safety Data Sheet becomes available on the hazardous properties of the mixture or its components
  • when the composition of the mixture has changed in the manner/in the extant specified in the relevant legislation


Our UFI management service

Our company’s experience in licensing and notification processes and the availability of the adequate capacity enable us to carry out all the UFI-related tasks of the companies concerned.

Our service covers the entire process from generating the UFI to the labeling of the mixture and also includes the continuous updating of the notification.



During our notification service, we will act as defined by Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/542. We take full professional and financial responsibility for the appropriateness of the UFI notification.


Assistance regarding our UFI services, ordering our service

Our Customer service provides professional help in answering the arising questions related to Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/542 or regarding our services.


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