Long-term Cooperation for Chemical Safety


MSDS-Europe Customer Support Program – contractual arrangement

As part of MSDS-Europe Customer Support Program, we created a contractual arrangement which can provide appropriate flexibility and financial benefits for serving long-term demands.

In case of contracting, we provide cumulative discounts for all safety data sheets purchased in a given time (month or quarter) with deferred payment.


Financial benefits

  • Cumulative quantity discounts – discount for the whole volume ordered in the current quarter
  • Deferred payment – quarterly billing
  • “Crediting” of expenses – deferred payment (over 90 days)
  • Lower transaction costs


Simplified administration

  • A single invoice containing all 3-month order
  • Reduced administration, easier accounting
  • Accelerated ordering process


Other benefits

  • Of course, you can continuously enjoy all benefits of the earlier mentioned Key Client Status.


About the contract

  • Type of contract: general framework contract
  • Fixed term, typically with expiration date for the reference year
  • The general framework contract does not imply order obligations
  • Contains monthly or quarterly billing

For knowing the content, please ask our Customer service for the draft contract


MSDS-Europe Customer Support Program

In case of contracting, we provide a personal contact person for maintaining the smooth administration and highest quality assistance.


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